Horse Head SuperShape Foil Balloon, 82 cm, 41369


Trot this happy horse out at your next rodeo, horse, or farm-themed party, and listen for the approving whinneys and nickers. Give this Horse Head SuperShape Foil Balloon to the Guest of Honor, or to a lucky guest as a special game prize. Bunch together helium-filled latex balloons and use your Horse Head SuperShape Foil Balloon as the focal point for a stunning balloon bouquet. 

New model foil balloon with a revolutionary shape, nice designs, messages and bright colours. Easy to inflate in recommended size thanks to the inflation guide sticker included. Strong foil and durable seams ANAGRAM quality - ensure that the balloon will stay helium inflated for more than 3 weeks.

Please see related models and our disposable helium canisters to inflate the balloons. 

Data sheet

Characters Differente Animals
Items for Unisex
Event Others
Product Type UltraShapes Foil Balloons
Dimensions 82 cm
Shape Characters
Color Brown / Beige