Mini foil balloon Unicorn, Northstar Balloons, 14", 00706


In fantasy and fairy tale worlds mythical unicorns may not be missing.For fans of fantastic stories we therefore now have the wonderful mini foil balloon Unicorn in the range, the perfectly suitable as a pretty party decoration and as a gift for child's birthday.

The charming mini foil balloon Unicorn consists of a polyethylene film, on a shiny aluminum foil was evaporated and shows as a motif a white unicorn with pink mane and tail.The balloon is inflated about 36 cm tall and comes with a holding chopsticks.Inflates the cute foil balloon with the help of a straw with normal air, the valve closes by itself.Even the costumes beautiful mythical creature we have with the Sexy Unicorn Costume and Pink Unicorn Baby Suit in the shop range.

Data sheet

Event Anniversaries
Product Type Minifoil/ Minishapes balloons
Dimensions 36 cm
Shape Characters
Color White / Transparent
Characters Unicorn
Items for Girl
Package contents 1 Piece