Pink Mini Foil Balloon Delfin, Northstar Balloons, 14", 00600


For all small and large animal lovers we now have pink mini foil balloon dolphin in the range.The beautiful sea-dwellers in balloon form will be sent with supporting rods and can be wonderfully used as decoration and gift for his birthday.

The pink mini foil balloon Delfin consists of a polyethylene film, on a shiny aluminum foil was evaporated and shows as a motif a female bottlenose dolphin with pink back and white belly.The balloon is inflated about 36 cm tall and comes with a holding chopsticks.Inflates the cute foil balloon with the help of a straw with normal air, the valve closes by itself.

Data sheet

Color Red / Rose
Characters Fishes
Items for Girl
Event Others
Product Type Minifoil/ Minishapes balloons
Dimensions 36 cm
Seasonal Summer
Package contents 1 Piece