Disposable Standard Helium Tank 0.42 mc, A.BUT.0.42, 1 piece


You've come to the right place for all things party!
Balloon Time Helium Kits can help you create the perfect celebration whenever and wherever you want.
Add the Balloon Time Helium Tank to your party supplies. The Balloon Time Helium Tank is easy, portable and disposable.
Remember, it's not a party without balloons.

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Other Features Helium Capacity: 0.42 mc
Dimensions 46 cm x30 cm x 30 cm
Product Type Helium Tanks

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  • One of the must-have party products are Balloon Time Helium Tanks.
  • They alleviate the dreaded trip to the party store to pick up balloons and try to stuff them into your car without them blowing away or popping on your drive home.
  • Fill up your latex and Foil balloons at your own party with our Disposable Helium Tank.
  • Helium Tank gives you a convenient alternative to transporting pre-inflated balloons.
  • The Helium Tank is lightweight, disposable, easy to use and recyclable.
  • This lightweight, portable tank with 14.9 ft3 of helium is perfect for mixing and matching balloons to customize your celebration.
  • The easy-to-use tank is recyclable and fills up to 50 pieces of 10" latex balloons; 30 pieces of 18" foil/Mylar balloons.
  • The number of latex balloons you can inflate depends on the size you choose to create. Larger sizes yield fewer filled balloons.

How to use the Balloon Time Helium Tank


  • Worthington Industries, Inc. is a leading helium tanks manufacturing company with fiscal year sales of more than $2 billon. The Columbus, Ohio based company is North America’s premier value-added steel processor and a leader in manufactured metal products.
  • These products are proudly made in our Europe facility with global components. Due to global helium supply issues, some of our products contain a mixture of helium and air with not less than 80 percent helium and float standard latex balloons for 5-7 hours. Cartons are clearly marked.