BalloonS Decorations


Balloons have a special effect on people’s moods, making them feel happier and sentimental. Add a drop of magic to your event with the new decorations and balloon arrangements.

You can ask for our balloon decorations offer – we are using only high quality products created by professionals with CBA certification (Certified Balloon Artist – SUA). Radar Group it’s the only company in Romania that participated in organizing dedicated designer events country wide as well as abroad (France, Hungary, Belgium, UK) since 2005, alongside „Pioneer – Qualatex USA” (presentations, galas, designer trainings).

Our offer:

- Balloon decorations and high quality accessories from the most prestigious companies in the world (Qualatex, Gemar, Amscan și Conwin);

- Decorative objects for party locations, table sets, confetti, fireworks;

- Decorative arrangements 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week;

- Articles for any type of event (Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Corporate Events);

- Professional services, qualified personnel;

- Info sessions and specialized trainings;

- Certified quality.


Making a decoration is within everyone's reach. Here are some ideas and rules that you need to consider:

  1. Choose balloons carefully depending on what you intend to create (balloons are classified into: latex and foil and are of different sizes, shapes, colors); if you want to inflate helium balloons you must have in mind that latex balloons float 1-2 days and the foil ones 2-3 weeks;
  2. You want the balloons to float? If so, you need a disposable helium tank (easy to handle and very practical), ribbon and weights. Inflating balloons with air can be done using a pump or an electric compressor.
  3. Balloon arcades and garlands are made using equally inflated latex balloon bouquets (1 bunch = 4 balloons, which are interlinked) and using raffia, tying bouquets between them (1m = 7-8 bouquets);
  4. Balloon modeling figurines (dog, rabbit, hat, sword, etc.) are easy to set up, requiring only the pump and balloon modeling;
  5. You can combine sets with confetti, glitter and other special items to create a pleasant impact on the public;
  6. To make the most of the balloons’ qualities, click on Rules for inflation and use of balloons.

For an ideal setting made of balloons or for any other information, do not hesitate to contact us:


Phone: 021.300.00.89 / 0726.290.157