Baby Girl Stork 3D Pop Up Balloon Card, Amscan, 18", 27187


Choose your favourite balloon and have a great party!

Whether you are gifting Mom at the hospital or surprising her with a Baby Shower, impress her with a balloon bouquet made from our incredible selection of Baby Shower Balloons. Choose from pattern specific balloons, nursery classics and Popular Character shaped balloons. Nobody knows Baby Showers like we do.

An adorable card to give for welcoming the new special baby girl. This card is so special it could almost be a present on it's own. It has a area to write your message on back of square base and also a small swing card hanging from the front. It is a normal greeting card size but naturally thicker. When open it is approx. 14.5cm (9.75") wide 20cm (8") high x 9cm (3.5") deep approx.

This unique elasticated 3D card automatically jumps to life when removed from its Envelope. The card is truly collectible and will be treasured for years. Can be kept flat and opened when required recreating the memorable occasion. Write you message in the panel provided and place in the envelope for mailing.

Baby shower balloons are the perfect addition to your party decorations and will make your celebration that much more special! We have a large variety to coordinate with every baby shower party theme so you can find something perfectly suited to the Mommy-To-Be!

Foil balloons are a great complement to almost any occasion. Whether it is a party or almost any celebration, foil balloons always make it special. With their fun design, it’s hard not to smile with one in your hand.

Foil balloons are in size from 45 cm to 85 cm with a wide choice of colours, printed designs and novelty shapes including children’s TV characters, letters and numbers.

All of our balloons are of helium quality, so you can fill them with helium or air. From small to large balloon displays, you are sure to transform any party space from dull to dynamite!

Data sheet

Diameter 45 cm / 18"
Color Red / Rose
Event Christening
Product Type Foil 45 cm Balloons
Shape Round
Items for Girl
Style Multicolor
Package contents 1 Piece